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26.10.2017 XIX world festival of youth and students

XIX world festival of youth and students was held in Sochi from 14 to 22 October 2017. This Grand global event has brought together a 20,000 young people from more than 170 countries. The event was confined to the views of politicians, public figures, media representatives and concerned part of the population of the entire planet.

10.10.2017 All-Russia Energy saving festival # VsemYarche

All-Russia Energy saving festival # VsemYarche is supported by the Ministry of energy, Ministry of education and science, Federal Agency for youth Affairs, state Corporation "Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services", Ministry of culture of Russia, Fund "Recongress" and open to participation in the organization of Federal, regional and municipal authorities, businesses, community and educational organizations.

A collection of good deeds

06.10.2017 The "Remilicht" company will participate in XIX world festival of youth and students, which will be held on 14-22 July in Moscow

The forum of student associations "Moscow Students" opened on December 14 in Moscow. The event will join more than 1,000 young people and about 100 experts from the Federal and regional levels.

16.11.2016 LED-technologies take care of health.

The popularity of using LED technology today has reached its peak. This is not surprising, because LEDs have many advantages over other types of lamps


Comfort and health care

The LED lamps Remilicht are equipped with the new generation driver with the lowest ripple factor.

Reasonable savings

Save up to 90% energy compared to incandescent bulbs.

German quality

LED lamps Remilicht meet European quality standards (EMC standard).


Remilicht IQ power strips with integrated USB-connector detect current suitable for connected mobile devices.

Safety and reliability

The service life of LED lamps Remilicht is more than 30 000 hours. The temperature of main body is only 40 ° C. Don’t contain mercury compounds.

Modern design

Remilicht products are developed in design bureau «Reingold Golzvardt», Frankfurt.

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